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The Band

We are Family

Meg, Cozzy and Zach on stage in sunlight

"Wild, Worldly, 
FunkaFolkadelic Music."
- Thatcher

"Wow! The Creativity OOZES out of all of you!! I love it!"
- Glenna

Meg Bohrman

Vocals, Ukulele, Guitar, Accordion, Piano

Meg Bohrman is a mother, activist, artist, teacher and birth doula. She is a board-certified music therapist, owner of High Note Healing Music Therapy in Prescott, Arizona, and spends her time channeling the healing power of music and storytelling in order to assist people across Life’s thresholds of Birth, Death, and Recovery. Meg has a collaborative multi-media musical theater project, Third Road Theater, with puppeteer Dori Mion and visual artist, Thatcher Bohrman. Meg is a beloved community performer, and has been a favorite entertainer on the Grand Canyon Railroad for audiences from all over the world. She plays, writes, and teaches music at schools and privately, specializing in adaptive lessons for persons with special needs. Overall, she is dedicated to Human Connection, Soul Exploration, and Creating Spontaneous Community.

Meg smiling cheekily with her accordian
Cosimo Bohrman looking at you

Cosimo Bohrman

Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Cosimo Bohrman is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, operating primarily in the realm of bass guitar. In Galactagogues however, Cosimo has taken on the role of guitarist, assisting in arranging and showcasing the compositions of songwriter Margaret Bohrman. After first performing on stage at the age of 9, Cosimo understood that he would be working in a musical capacity all his life. Since then, Cosimo has participated in a wide variety of musical endeavors from stage to studio, performing and recording with bands from a broad spectrum of sounds. Once he had gained some recognition on local stages with The Faultlines and Stephy Leigh Griffin, he spent almost three years touring with bluegrass band Sugar & the Mint, playing at various festivals and venues throughout the continental United States. Cosimo now regularly plays bass with legendary Prescott band The Cheektones, as well as the band Ponderosa Grove, often traveling to venues outside of Arizona to perform.


Opal Bohrman

Vocals, Bass

Opal relocated to Seattle in August 2022, leaving her family and Galactagogues somewhat bereft. She still joins the band for larger venues and special occasions. Opal is an accomplished visual artist, working in many mediums including painting, drawing and crochet. She created the iconic Galactagogues 3rd eye headbands, worn at many gigs. Opal will be attending the UW Seattle in 2023 with a special interest in marine biology.


Opal Bohrman at the Thumb Butte Distillery with artistic shirt and 5 pigtails
Zach Dominguez in a red doorway

Zach Dominguez

Drums and Keyboard

Zach is a multi-instrumentalist who brings heart and soul to all the music he plays. In Galactagogues hear him play thoughtful delicious strains on the keys, as well as just the right groove on the drum kit - sometimes at the same time! Zach also plays with Ponderosa Grove, as well as composing and recording his own music. He also teaches!


Zach's Music on Spotify

Ines Vitols shredding his fiddle in the nighttime with wicked smile

Ines Vitols


Ines Vitols is northern Arizona’s favorite fiddler, adding magical melodies, driving rhythm and passionate violin strains to a wide variety of groups and genres.. You can often find him on the weekends, fiddling with some funky rock group, flames shooting out of his violin, smoke trailing from his bow. He is owner of a native landscaping company that focuses on natural stone masonry. Ines cares about creating Strong Beauty that Endures.

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